[Quick Stats]

  PRONOUNSAny Pronouns
  GENDERStatic Pangender
  DATING STYLEPolyamourous
  RACEQuite White
  RELIGIONHindu, Kali Bhakt

  UNDERTONECool Neutral
  KIBBE TYPERomantic

    CURRENTLY READINGThe Stories Behind the Poses    Dr. Raj Balkaran

Welcome to my little home on the internet. I'm relearning to hand-code and catching up my skills. I'm already exploring a kind of vintage maximalisat aesthetic that I am really loving. I have learned and re-learned so much of my coding brain, but it feels good to flex those mental muscles that have been sedentary too long. This website is where I just try weird stuff to see what works and what doesn't. If you're really curious to know more about me, that's the kind of self-indulgent shit this page is for.

If you're looking for some kind of order or structure for my website, you won't find it. Everything is a jumble. Very few things are properly labeled. Use the breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page if you get lost. And when in doubt, you can always follow the magpie home.

I invite you to wander around and touch all the things.




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